Arqbórea, an “eco” project by Grupsa Doors

The progress in the construction of Passivhaus buildings in Spain, that is to say, with almost zero consumption (ZEB) , is consolidated with the construction of new projects such as Arqbórea in the Las Tablas business area of ​​Madrid (Spain). Its modern and above all sustainable design has been the work of the Ortiz León architecture studio. Formed by three blocks connected and covered by vegetation and terraces that protect the interior from solar incidence and provide greater energy efficiency, as well as a greater sense of well-being to the occupants.

The main access to the Arqbórea building has incorporated Grupsa Revolving Glass Doors, which optimize energy savings in the reception hall, as well as air conditioning costs and electricity consumption, eliminate drafts and prevent temperature fluctuations.

Following the guidelines of the architecture direction, the Grupsa Rotary System Automatic Revolving Door, with an available height of 4.25 meters, integrates recessed automation in a false ceiling, incorporating the necessary activation and security elements in compliance with current European regulations for users.

Grupsa manufactures and designs a wide range of automatic accesses for building entrances to order. Thanks to their high construction qualities and compact design, they offer the best solutions in energy efficiency and almost zero consumption through their ranges of Revolving Doors Rotary System, Straight and Telescopic Automatic Doors Automatic System, Balanced Doors Balance System and Curved Sliding Doors Circular System.

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