Grupsa promotes the use of Contactless technologies for access to people

  • New contactless systems reduce contagion and offer a sophisticated pass-through model for users.
  • Grupsa offers the new contactless opening models for automatic doors for hospital environments or for building access

The pandemic produced by the COVID19 virus has had a huge impact on the automatic door sector, since it requires the establishment of opening systems that guarantee the safety of users in health matters. The new contactless technology, thanks to contactless devices, is the latest technological revolution in automatic door systems since it is a very effective measure, not only to reduce infections, but also to offer a new access model that it offers to users a more elegant and sophisticated entry formula.

Contactless devices have a simple mechanism: avoid any type of manipulation or contact by users, thus avoiding the spread of pathogens. In addition, its uses are broader in the hospital sector, that is, in hermetic access doors to operating rooms or in the intensive care area: the new contactless devices are designed for revolving doors for access to hotels, in automatic doors of institutional buildings or museums or for balanced doors in public transport corridors. In addition, these devices will allow energy savings by increasing energy efficiency by keeping the door closed and the interior temperature of the building, since the door will only run when a user requires entry or exit.

Grupsa, as a leading company in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge automatic doors, continues to think about the opening systems of the future by providing the latest contactless models that minimize contact and improve user comfort and safety. To do this, they have proximity sensors, which allow opening by approaching the user’s hand, without the need to touch the device or the door; or motion detectors, radars that detect the presence or approach of a user, making an elegant opening and design. In addition, these devices increase the safety of people since they keep the opening or prevent its closing while they detect that the user continues to make the passage in the area of ​​the door.

All its contactless access systems have a long useful life, which can be extended by means of preventive maintenance checks by Grupsa services. Its technicians will detect and improve your automatic door to avoid possible breakdowns derived from its use with spare parts for original parts with Grupsa quality guarantee or they will be able to install new contactless systems on already installed automatic doors that require improving their safety.

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