Clean System is our system of design, planning, construction and installation of Modular and Integrated Operating Rooms and Critical Areas (Intensive Care, ICU, Preanesthetic Areas, Clean Corridors, White Rooms …) in a scalable and personalized way with the latest equipment technologies and automation.
Our system allows the installation of a surgical area with reduced execution times as well as a long service life, due to its low maintenance cost and easy and convenient access to the facilities.

Our Clean System line includes:

  • High strength and durability galvanized steel substructure
  • Wall panelling in Stainless Steel, High Pressure Antibacterial Laminate (HPL) or glass.
  • Pressurized ceilings
  • Sliding or swing doors with hermetic closure and wide free passage for personnel and beds of our Hospital System range
  • Non-slip conductive vinyl floor
  • Climate System formed by HEPA filters (Laminar flow or Turbulent flow)
  • Radiological Protection for Surgical Areas with diagnostic imaging
  • LED lighting
  • Control and Automation Systems

Clean System Catalogue