The range of Automatic Sliding Glass Doors, Automatic System, is the integral solution of Grupsa for access to your building. Designed and manufactured in one or two single sliding or telescopic door leaves, the access systems meet the most demanding needs in terms of energy efficiency, functionality, evacuation, safety and aesthetics; as well as in compliance with the strictest European regulations (EN 16005).

Grupsa Door Systems Pakistan, also, as a manufacturer and supplier company automatic doors, offers several models with anti-panic systems, which allow the folding down to the evacuation sense, not only the sliding leaves at any position (open, closed or moving), but the fixed side panels, through a hidden pivoting system. Also, all our models of sliding automatic doors optionally have the door operator ER for evacuation routes without antipanic option, which has a motorized emergency battery, which guarantees the opening of the door in case of power failure. They also incorporate activation and safety sensors, safety photocells, emergency push buttons, access controls and connections to electronic customized systems.

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automatic sliding glazed doors

AS-300 Basic

Automatic Sliding Glass Door

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Sliding Automatic Glass Door

AS-300 Eko

Automatic Sliding Glass Door

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Automatic Sliding Glass Door


Sliding Automatic Glass Door


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Automatic Sliding Glass Door


Automatic Sliding Glass Door


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